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  • A sales and marketing division needed clarity on how they were differentiating their product from the competition.
  • This division was recently re-organized with new leadership and needed to establish its vision, strategies, and ways of working.
  • Ownership of the resulting plan was critical so they could renew and revisit it on a periodic basis.
  • Vertical and horizontal communication to and from key stakeholders was crucial to have the resources they needed to be successful.
  • Alignment at all levels of the Sales and Marketing organizations was critical to work effectively and find a common vision.


  • Developed an integrated planning session with the leadership teams of Sales and Marketing to develop a long term plan and stronger, aligned leadership team.
  • Facilitated a session to determine how this business unit’s services should be differentiated from competitors.
  • Supported the leadership team to enable them to translate their strategies into clear objectives that could be translated down to each level of the organization; clear action plans were developed to achieve these objectives.
  • Provided mechanisms to track the progress of the plans at their leadership team meetings, and become proactive in implementing necessary course corrections.
  • Worked with the leadership team to define a timetable for monitoring, evaluating, and updating the plans and to assign ownership.
  • Provided ways of engaging managers and employees so they knew what they needed to do to embrace the new ways of working.


  • Leadership team was engaged in implementing strategy and teamwork increased.
  • Individual capabilities in strategy implementation grew and a sustainable
    process of strategy development and implementation was established.
  • Each person in the division understood how they contributed to the overall
    divisional goals through cascaded objectives, measures, and actions.


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  • “Thank you SO MUCH
    for helping out with the Oncology Strategic Planning Summit. You served an integral role in helping to shape the future of GSK Oncology. I especially appreciate how you
    ‘hit the ground running’.
    This was not an easy group, but you did a great job of effectively guiding them through the process.
    Thank you!”

Senior Director of Oncology,